The brand new Bladepad undertook Kickstarter recently, this case will turn the iPhone 4/4S into a real Xperia Play. You know, that is extremely playable Android smartphone from Sony Mobile.

The makers initially sought developers who wanted to customize their games designed for this gamepad. Now they are on the verge of actually making the accessory – with money from Kickstarter.

The Bladepad makes the iPhone a lot thicker, but unlike the Xperia Play, users get real analog sticks back. Plus the necessary buttons on a console controller expected to be encountered, including shoulder buttons and it consists of an iPhone protective case with a retractable gamepad. This includes two joysticks, a D-Pad and several buttons. Inside you'll find a microprocessor and Bluetooth module from Texas Instruments. On the outside, a lightweight metal fender made ​​in design that looks about as if the edge (bezel) around the iPhone 4 and 4S

To produce the gamepad the team need to raised at least $55,000 within twenty days. At this moment there are under $8,300 pre-orders and they still need more help. There are special early booking discounts available as well. Delivery is expected in November. Owners of the next iPhone will have to be patience for a month longer.

If the creators get the financing round, the Bladepad will cost $99. However, the pledge is set to as
little as $69. You may have the choice between the iPhone 4/4S version or the version for the iPhone 5.


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