Blue iPhone 7 Plus Mockup [Video]


besound-iphone-7-mockupWhen the iPhone was introduced in 2007 it was only available in black color. Years later they presented the iPhone 4 also blank. With the advent of iPhone 5s also it came the golden color and last year presented the rose gold, making a total of 4 colors. In 2016 it is expected that the iPhone 7 return to black color, replacing the gray space, and some rumors spoke of a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus blue, a model that Unbox Therapy already had their hands on.

To be more exact, what they have sent to Unbox Therapy has been a model, the more accurate according to the YouTuber who became famous for being the root of Bendgate. The model of the following video shows virtually no novelty: an iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera (probably 12 + 12Mpx) no ring, no headset port and Smart Connector. But we can see a couple of interesting things, starting with the lines for antennas, those that have been moved and are now present only in the upper and lower edges.

The position of these lines for the antennas is not new, but its color. As you can see, the lines of this model are neither white nor gray, but it is the same blue as the rest of the housing. In the iPhone 6s gold and rose gold, the lines are white and that’s one of the reasons why in the end I not decided by the golden color, if not for silver which are less these bands to the antennas.

The other interesting point is that yes that would be present the switch to put the iPhone in silence. A few weeks ago appeared another model in which the switch did not appear, which made us fear that the next iPhone, at least the Plus model, would in this regard as the latest models of iPad.

A third interesting point, though OnLeaks had already said that this was chosen by Apple option: at the bottom, and view or rather, not see the headphone port, we can see that there will be a second speaker, which greatly improve the sound of the device. It is supposed to be stereo, so it is a pity that both speakers are at the bottom.

At one point in this video, Unbox Therapy supports an iPhone 6s Plus and the model of the iPhone 7 Plus face up and play on the top left edge to check that the iPhone 7 Plus moves much more than the model presented now almost 11 months ago , which means that the camera module is thicker. You might think that this extra “dance” is because the next iPhone has different dimensions, but we would be wrong. The dimensions of the smartphone that Apple will introduce in September are almost exact to those of which occurred in 2015, down only 4 hundredths of a millimeter in thickness iPhone 6s. If it were not for the cameras, which will be in the plus dual model and the standard model will be much bigger, sheaths iPhone 6s would be worth without problems for iPhone in July.

Another thing that, according to this model, will be different the next models is something that is not very important, but I mention to mention all the new details: the source of the letters on the back of the casing looks a bit different from the used until last year, which is especially noticeable with the “iPhone”.

There are many details that we can not see in this video and talking to some rumors, such as the iPhone 7 will be waterproof and sound that will offer will be digital, one of the reasons why Apple has reportedly decided to remove a 3.5mm  connector been around for more than a century. Nor can we see the RAM that will bring and some rumors say that the Plus model will have 3GB of RAM. To find out all the details still we have to wait about four weeks.

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