Bluetooth 4.2 Specs Announced: new speed, new features



No matter what brand name belongs to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, they always have common characteristics. To one of these characteristics is the module version Bluetooth. Last date version “Sinezubov” is presented at the end of 2013 Bluetooth 4.1. Were unveiled today features the next generation of wireless data transfer protocol – Bluetooth 4.2.

Standard Bluetooth 4.2 allow for direct connection to the Internet access point without requiring complex connections through intermediate devices. Especially popular this feature will be functional in the environment of so-called “Internet of Things”, providing the ability to access various items in the house (smart kettles, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.) to the World Wide Web.

Bluetooth 4.2 has become safer – tracking and interception of data without creating a pair impossible: the algorithm of the protocol simply does not allow the accidental discovery or track. The security aspects for the growing popularity of wearable electronics.



Has increased significantly and the data rate. Compared with its predecessor, Bluetooth 4.2 allows you to transfer data 2.5 times faster and the size of the packets Bluetooth Smart increased 10 times. Developers and reduced power consumption. The first devices with the Bluetooth 4.2 will be available in early 2015. The company Apple, as a rule, is in step with the times and next-generation iPhone could get a new protocol

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