WallpaperA standard set of desktop Wallpapers iPhone quickly bored. And then the user decides to put any photo or image, but the right of the picture, as usual, did not find.

There are several ways to make Wallpapers for iPhone. The easiest, is to use the Safari web browser and find the desired image search engine. The advantage of such a method – a wide choice of options and free, drawback – the need to manually look for the image in the desired resolution. In addition, there is no possibility that any edit. Finding the right image can take some time.


The best option is to use a specialized application to create Wallpaper, better, of course, with a friendly interface and more features. Blur Studio is one of such developments. You don’t need to know the exact resolution of the iPhone screen, you need to download the application any picture or take a picture with a camera and you can begin to prepare.

Blur Studio gives maximum freedom to build the Wallpaper with the blur effect. Such background images are perfectly combined with iOS 7. Adding in the program of the new frame, you can easily adjust the strength of the blur in a wide range, increase color saturation and even change the color shades that allows you to literally work wonders.


One of the crucial fascinating options Blur Studio – preview mode. It lets you «are attempting on» prepared-made Wallpaper iPhone. The parallax-impact – may also be precisely verify the ultimate outcome.

Utility Blur Studio is appropriate with units operating iOS 7 and above and is discovered within the App Retailer

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