Apple launched an authentic press release, stating the sad news that a senior vice president of Apple hardware Bob Mansfield is leaving his post. In his place will be assigned to Dan Riccio, who previously served as senior vice president of hardware iPad. In the next few months, Bob Mansfield has finished its business for the post of senior vice president and so far continue to perform their duties, and a team of engineers engaged in the hardware devices, filling Apple, will be for some time to report to him.

Tim Cook said: "Bob was an important part senior management of our company, leading the organization of hardware design and directing team who produced dozens of revolutionary products over the years. We are very sad that he decided to retire, but we very much hope that he will enjoy every day of his resignation. " In really very sorry that one of the key employees of the company for a long time
took an active part in the development of products that we are very pleased with the use, he decided to resign. 
One can only hope that Dan Riccio will be no worse than dealing with their responsibilities in his new post


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