A choose within the UK has decided that HTC does now not violate Apple's patents. This makes it possible for smartphones from HTC still be sold. Three of Apple's patents are also invalid according to the judge. The decision is remarkable because Apple later this year against HTC in a German lawsuit is about the same patents.


Apple's patents on multitouch, slide to unlock and changing alphabets are not valid according to the court. Apple's fourth patent, how to manage photos on the iPhone, it would remain upright. HTC patent would violate not only the judge.

Lawyer Peter Bell of Stevens & Bolton opposes Bloomberg lawsuit that lost a great loss for Apple in the patent war. Bell himself is not involved in the matter. Two of Apple's key patents would no longer be valid in England.

The conscious patents describe techniques for slide-to-unlock, multitouch and predictive text input in different languages. The British court held that the patent is invalid because former manufacturer Neonode was previously with the slide-to-unlock technology. Addition is not multitouch techniques according to the British patent law can be met and the technology with regard to entering text also does not meet the requirements for patentability.

A fourth patent from Apple, a technique in the field of photo management, but HTC was valid here would not infringe it. Samsung was by a Dutch court earlier or convicted for breach of this patent. Moreover, the court ruled then that the slide-to-unlock-patent should be deemed void, thus corresponds to the judgment of the British High Court.

It is only the European versions of the patents and the invalidation applies only to the United Kingdom. However, HTC may use the ruling in other European countries to invalidate Apple's patents to be declared. Because Apple creates the conscious patents previously deployed to Android-manufacturers to sue them, this seems an important statement, and a sales could be claimed by Apple. Incidentally, Motorola finally managed to escape such a ban.

Apple and HTC have been fighting longer in the courts against each other. In addition to litigation in England made ​​a statement of the U.S. Trade Commission before end of 2011 that imports of HTC phones in the United States was prohibited.


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