While it is true, it is an accident that could have been avoided. Worst of all is that now is no longer possible for the British  man Richard Bull who died while charging his iPhone in the bath, something that seems rare and although it is true the device does not Came to touch the water, yes did the iPhone cable which caused a strong electric shock that killed his life.

Bull’s own wife was the person who gave the alarm to the authorities and emergency services, who when they arrived at the home could do nothing to save his life. In this case you have to take into account what we say the beginning of the article, neither the device nor the wall charger touched directly with the water, but did the cable. In this case the statements of relatives in The Guardian are painful as well as disbelief at what happened as the victim’s brother relates: “I find it difficult to believe that between the plug of the charger and the telephone pass enough electricity to kill tosomeone”.

This shows that we have a bad habit of skipping the minimum safety measures for electrical devices in bathrooms, and is that not only do we have to be careful when handling dryers, hair irons or the like, any device that is connected To the current is a potential hazard in contact with water. And the forensic report itself will be forwarded to Apple to warn them in their devices of the danger they pose. In addition the report explains that “These devices seem innocuous but can be as dangerous as a hair dryer in a bathroom. They should attach these warnings “

In any case regret what happened, it could have been another device and not necessarily an iPhone the cause of the disaster and hopefully not happen again. Just in case remember that all electrical devices have to be well away from the water and above all try not to use them with wet hands or inside the bathroom.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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