Brydge Launches New iPad Pro And iPad mini 4 Backlit Keyboard Cases



One of the most outstanding manufacturers of accessories on the market today is Brydge, recently announced a couple of new accessories for the new iPad Pro and iPad mini Pro 4 backlit keyboard cases called BrydgeMini and BrydgePro, which was on display in Las Vegas at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

These new backlit keyboard cases features have the hinge system 180 degrees, which gives the user the possibility of folding the keyboard in a really comfortable position, this proves to be useful for the new for iPad Pro, and are made entirely of aluminum and equipped with backlit keys, a really striking feature.


The BrydgePro weighs approximately 1.60 pounds, has a thickness of 0.27-inch, were connected using Bluetooth 4.0, backlit keys provide different levels of brightness, as MacBook also thickness iPad Pro combined with BrydgePro, turns out to be thinner than the MacBook Air.

While BrydgeMini has some details that unlike BrydgePro like that, it will connect via Bluetooth 3.0, it has a thickness of 0.29-inch, and weighs approximately 0.66 pounds, and although the keys are also backlit, this function found in a set level.

Both cases are available to pre-order. The iPad mini 4 price is set to $99.99 and the iPad Pro is $189.

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