Budget iPhone Concept inspired by iMac G3



Rumors of a budget iPhone just keep coming. That is why a lot of designers are developing their own ideas . Although Apple is studying the possibility of production budget model for many years, this plan supposedly well advanced, and less expensive version of the smartphone will be released before the end of the year. Matteo Gianni idea for the budget-iPhone three dimensional made. He has less based on the play rumors than Hajek, but looked old Apple devices. This concept iPhone seems strongly on iMac G3 and also has multiple colors.


In principle, the draft version of the iPhone an iPod touch fifth generation, but with a plastic, semi-transparent and colored back. This you can also see what parts exactly in the iPhone down. The design differs quite different from what Apple so far has done with the iPhone. Whether Apple will follow this idea we doubt therefore briefly. The concept is still a fun ‘what if’ to watch.

Available sources attribute iPhone transparent body through which you could see some of the internal components that are normally hidden from the eyes of the owner.


The newest rumors recommend that the finances-iPhone four-inch reveal and this yr or subsequent 12 months seems in the marketplace. Apple may theoretically $329 for the funds-iPhone could ask.

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