Finances iPhone idea working on redesigned iOS 7



Designer Martin Hajek presented his vision of how the budget iPhone running iOS 7 might look like- next mobile operating system from Apple. The concept design is based on hearsay and speculation that precede any serious updating products of the corporation.

Hajek believes that the iPhone will get an inexpensive plastic shell of different colors, and the software interface iOS 7 will include new customization desktop application icons completely remodeled, new design popular apps and more. How justified such a metamorphosis interface iOS, hard to say. However, it is expected that Apple will update the seriously design a program cover their smartphones and tablets.


Apple will visit the builders of the brand new model of personal computer and cellular working techniques on the annual convention of the Global Builders Convention (WWDC 2013), which this yr will happen from June 10-June 14 in San Francisco. iPhone 5S and the finances model of the smartphone working iOS 7 is predicted this Fall.

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