Bug found in iPhone 6 Plus causing unexplained reboot



This year, some users already the opportunity to put their hands on the iPhone 6, and not simple – but with at least 64 gigabytes of memory. Many decided to buy on-peak and took an iPhone 6 Plus with 128 GB onboard. What to do with so much freedom of memory? That’s right – the goal to stop her music, movies, photo and, of course, applications from App Store.

But the latter is necessary to be very careful. Particularly active owners “plus” critical report “glitch”, which leads to repetitive reboot and serious problems with its functioning. Further options a bit: full and final discharge of any hike in service.

Similar to those in the official support forum Apple has a few, and one of them has grown to more than 90 reviews and responses. Symptoms – a very slow operation of the smartphone, the application is actively flying and unexpected reboot even in a state of “peace.” All of this is observed only on the iPhone 6 Plus with the largest amount of memory and lots of programs installed from App Store. To be precise, critical mass – somewhere around 700 (!) Applications.

Use your smartphone to the above problems is incredibly difficult, and many of the owners in the end tried to pass the device to Apple Store. Some managed to get a new one. And guess what – the problem is repeated on it, if restore back the backup. Even if the copy was originally made ​​on the previous generation iPhone (for example, on the iPhone 5s), and with him was not anything like the novelty of Apple can not withstand such a load for unknown reasons.

Methods of struggle before the hike in service more like ritual dances with a tambourine. Someone solve the problem, including the Display Zoom mode in Settings, make size of interface elements similar to those in normal iPhone 6. Some simply restore the gadget from scratch and put the program on one hand. But in this case the problem can suddenly come back. In general, while the owners of these “sixes” continuous questions and no obvious answers.  If you are faced with something like this, share with us in the comments. And yes, why hold on the smartphone 700 programs? []via AI]

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