Bug In iOS 9.3 Causes Crashes In Safari And Other Apps


Bug On iOS 9.3 Causes Crashes In Safari And Other Apps

It is unusual for Apple to release seven preliminary versions of an iOS firmware before releasing iOS 9.3 to the public, but much less is normal that in the final version, which last week was released for all supported devices have faults after a test period so prolonged. Well, it does, and one of them is being very annoying to many users and so are reflecting on social networks and Apple support forums: Safari crashes or directly closes when trying to open links .

What is happening? For an as simple as opening in Safari, the iOS native browser, a link from any application or from another page of the browser, gesture becomes almost impossible, because the application is not running. Attempting to open this link you can stop Safari completely blocked, frozen, or even close the application.

Safari failure may be caused indirectly by applications installed on your device. Apple introduced the “Universal Links of ” in iOS 9 links that allow developers to associate your application links to web pages. For example, if you click a link to Booking.es instead of opening the web page Booking the application itself would open displaying the information on that link. This is achieved through a database that the application developer creates and that is downloaded when you install the application. It seems that problems with some of these databases could cause this bug in iOS 9.3. Uninstall the application does not solve the problem, because the system would already be happening corrupt and failure.

Even some users complain that this error occurred and iOS 9.2.1 them, but now it seems that the number of people affected is much higher. And it is rumored that could soon launch a new update, iOS 9.3.1, that solve this failure. We will be pending and will inform it as there are developments. For now, just have to wait or use Chrome as an alternative browser or disable JavaScript from the advanced settings of Safari (Settings> Safari> Advanced).

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