Burger King iPhone

Burger King iPhone

Smartphone these days is not only a means of communication, but also diary , address book , music and video player , video game console navigator. The presence of a digital camera in the mid-level devices no longer have to say – it’s long been the norm . Attempts are being made to turn the mobile phone into a device that allows you to make electronic payments. In some cases, to achieve this is enough to bring the device to the terminal, in others – install a specialized application.

Fast food chain Burger King announced a new mobile service that allows to pay for burgers using the iPhone starting next month. Thanks to mobile application  Apple smartphone owners can order burgers and pay for purchases with a single touch.

In fact the application Burger King will be something like a virtual payment card on which the user will enter the pre- money , using them for later payments. The process of making the payment will be reduced to a conclusion on the iPhone screen specially crafted code. Also through the program will distribute all kinds of coupons for discounts and company news.

In Burger King says that the system will be launched in the U.S. in May this year. By 2015, this opportunity will appear in the company’s European restaurants .

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