Safety issues&#one hundred sixty;in Apple's tool is the order of the day, first got here toFaceTime for Mac&#one hundred sixty;and time&#a hundred and sixty;has revealed an enormous worm within the iOS four.1&#one hundred sixty;iPhone four to a quite simple exposes all software knowledge cellphone, together with contacts and the potential for unauthorized calls.


The following video was shown to have an iPhone 4 blocked with password, you can call SOS and enter a different number.


The steps shown in the video are:
– Slide the bar to unlock iPhone
– Press the button for emergency calls
– Enter the symbol # # #
– Press the button to call and also the hardware button to lock the iPhone.

Bug no iOS 4.1 from Salomão Filho on Vimeo.



Some vulnerabilities found it difficult to eradicate. Already in 2007 we wrote that the iPhone PIN   is easy to circumvent. In August 2008 showed the vulnerability still exists. And in 2010 appears to still be possible  to pin the iPhone to circumvent. With the iPhone you can set a four digit PIN to prevent others from accessing your iPhone.

In theory, others do not use your phone to make calls or to browse through the apps. However you choose to perform an emergency call and enter a ridiculous number like # # # in, sign up to access all contacts with the option to any number. After entering # # # you must press the call and immediately press the lock button. It was discovered by a certain jordand321 but as said, bypassing the iPhone's PIN code has long been possible. So on the one hand nothing new under the sun, but then it is shocking that A
pple still has not definitively resolved.

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