Call of duty - black ops As the name of the article indicates, I am here to talk about Call of Duty – Black Ops. It was released November 9, 2010 and has been much talk of him. Indeed, sales of it are truly exceptional. It is not less than 5.7 million copies that h
ave elapsed in 
USA and UK in 24 hours.

 This new album has surpassed the previous record set by Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 which was 4.7 million copies during the same periods. It is clear that the series of Call of Duty at its peak reached full because the fan is there and the sales prove it. ? Black ops sets a video record in entertainement of video games

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Well some will say that it is all thanks to consoles and that FPS is played with a mouse and keyboard (and I agree: p) but hey everyone does as he pleases, and then the Call of Duty still good FPS in which all eyes are full so what more.


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