Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite

Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite: the new title of the franchise developed by Infinity Ward Activision arrives on November 4; We conducted a review of Warfare saga with the launch. Call of Duty is one of the best known sagas of shots in the video game industry and is present every year with an innovative title that breaks the mold in the genre known. Activision has one of the biggest cash cows gold sector and knows how to take full advantage to ensure that players receive a product to get up and meet the expectations generated year after year. With Infinite Warfare, the new chapter of the franchise, not going to be less.

A sub-saga extending nine years for far and threatens to continue making waves in the future. The first step towards this will occur in just a few days. It is time for a review of the history of the Warfare saga, to highlight its most important points as an incentive for the new release.

This time, the jump is much more revolutionary and innovative in the Call of Duty franchise. With Infinite Warfare, players will be able to plunge into the fight in space in an argument that shall bring them into the skin of Captain Reyes, a pilot will special operations command of Retribution, a huge warship. His proposal is based after the nations of the Earth Space Alliance unified as the United Nations attempted to colonize the solar system in search of resources. A fanatical and ruthless enemy faction comes from the people living on the border. This group is called Settlement Defense Front, and causes a large-scale war that will take players to new epic scenarios and to fly combat ships both inside and outside the Earth’s atmosphere.


Definitely a script that aims to emerge as the most innovative and revolutionary element in the series, with the mission to colonize other planets and defend not only earth, but also the rest of outer space has been threatened by a force much higher than has been seen in any other title under the signature of Call of Duty. On November 4 an unknown war starts and you will get a completely unattainable dimension reach so far. As if that were not enough, the cast is made up of personalities title Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, as the main villain or the world champion Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton.

The proposal will be completed with a multiplayer as complete and has already collected millions of players in their beta phases. The introduction of some of the classic saga maps and new gameplay possibilities, are getting make an impression on first impressions of the game.

The new war has already begun and Call of Duty: Warfare Infinite prepares to make his way to success in the world of consoles just as their predecessors did. A new battlefield, new ways, unparalleled graphics regarding seen in the series and titles of today are the great attractions of this new release to conquer the players and, of course, expand its hegemony to other planets .

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