Multifunctional utility CallController, adds a number of useful properties of the ” bell ” of the iPhone, compatible with iOS received 7. Declared as native support for 64- bit OS on iPhone 5s.

CallController program designed to manage your incoming calls on smartphones and Apple offers a number of features not available in iOS 7 by default . For example, you can configure the automatic receiving calls from subscribers , edit the story in one entry phone and send an SMS- message when the call was dropped .

We should also mention the ability to automatically reject an incoming call , if you place the iPhone screen down . CallController author believes that tweak gives a more natural way to block the call , mute or activate voice mail (configurable menu While Face Down). Simply flip the iPhone and it will automatically execute the specified action .

CallController-1You can also turn off the sound during an incoming call and vibration usual gesture of shaking. In this case, the call is dropped, and the subscriber decides that you’re away from the tube and did not hear the phone . Other settings CallController can be found by running the application from the desktop iPhone. By the way, provides management and jailbreak tweak with iOS 7 lock screen.

CallController application is available only to ” hacked ” iPhone. Jailbreak iOS 7 can be monitored Evasi0n 7. Detailed instructions on using the program has the following links: for Windows and Mac OS X.

CallController distributed is found in Cydia BigBoss repository for $ 2.99 , there is a free demo mode available .

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