CameraTweak-2Native iPhone camera can not boast a wide range of functions , which is understandable – not everybody needs , such as deferred option of shooting or separate setting focus and exposure. Nevertheless, the parties fotoprilozheniya from the App Store are popular . Developers offer their own solutions , the possibility of which is considerably wider than the famous Instagram.

CameraTweak 2 – one of the best add-ins from Cydia, allowing to extend the functionality of the standard camera iPhone. It is a development of the first version of tweaks and provides the ability to activate on a smartphone many needed to create high-quality photos and videos of fine tuning without downloading programs from the App Store. What the user gets CameraTweak 2 worth $ 1 ? In the arsenal of ten additional utility functions. First, the tweak allows you to configure a separate focus and exposure , as well as prints from the camera menu button timer .

Delayed shooting mode is present in almost all digital cameras . In the presence of a tripod it can help to take a group portrait that includes the photographer . There is a mode Time Lapse, intended for shooting of slow processes, such as day and night . Standard frame rate perceived by the human eye – 24 frames per second . With the function of Time Lapse shooting comes with a frequency of one frame per second to one frame per hour. Ordinary objects and processes that can be removed from Time Lapse – sunset and sunrise , budding flower, plant growth, melting ice , the movement of clouds across the sky , or the movement of cars on a busy street. In addition, using CameraTweak 2 , you can change the resolution images ( from 144p to 2448p) and fix the white balance.

As for shooting the video, in this mode CameraTweak 2 also allows you to separate the focus and exposure . In addition, you can optionally change the frame rate and picture resolution (1080p, 720p, 540p , and others) . There is an opportunity to create a photo during video recording and fix the white balance. Design CameraTweak 2 blends harmoniously interface Chambers and not out of the general concept of iOS 7. The Cydia weak can found in BigBoss repo.

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