camHoodie: iPhone 5 Claims to solve purple flare



Apple actively discussing the mysterious “purple flaring” the images captured by the iPhone 5 camera and how to get rid of it. It was assumed that the illumination is a defect of the new smartphone, but further independent tests, including Consumer Reports, have indicated that this effect is seen in many of today’s mobile devices.
Apple officially explained that the cause of purple glow in photographs taken iPhone 5 is the location of the light source close to the edge frame. Passing through the optical elements of the camera angle, the light is refracted, and the sensor can capture wave violet spectrum. To avoid this, it is enough to slightly change the angle, find the point at which the exposure will not occur.

For the iPhone 5 owners , who don’t want to put up with this situation, a special case has been  developed called camHoodie. In addition to its main purpose to protect your device from scratches and other physical damage, camHoodie covers the iSight lens to help fix the latest Apple phone from purple flare to be displayed.


Accessory from Fotodiox similar protective strip “bumper” for iPhone 4, but has an additional lens, located in front of the lens iPhone 5. The latter does not refract light so as to create purple highlights in pictures.

Cover the cost of the enterprising, the product is $ 24.ninety five. To reveal the impact of the use of the brand new iPhone camHoodie firm provided two comparative pictures.

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