Some people would say “yes”, taking into consideration that the Droid is the best Android device to date, relying on a high-
quality, fast processor, providing PowerVR graphics and excellent call quality, not to mention the battery that can run for a whole day long. The Droid’s unique dock determines the smartphone to start into alarm clock mode when put in, displaying large icons which allow switching to current weather or music playback with oversized controls. The Droid’s design is smart enough to automatically enter the GPS-oriented Car Mode.

Other people would say “no”, simply by intuition, even if rumors of Verizon supporting the Droid even by sacrificing the Storm 2, due to the quality of the first one, are very intense. They are so trusty when saying that iPhone could be only challenged by a new iPhone that they even think the Droid will impact on Blackberry, or Windows Mobile, or even Palm Pre
sales but not iPhone’s.

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