Can we borrow soon apps from the App Store?


Up to now it’s only that you can think of to appoint films and TV presentations via iTunes, however sadly no apps for the iPhone or iPod contact. Consistent with newest signals, on the other hand, these might operate in a future model of iOS 5 will embody. Perhaps Apple may unveil the iPhone Leihfunktion right through day after today's occasions.


The page Era The Tech have discovered a number of entries in the code of the iTunes 10.5 Beta 9, indicating that the Leihfunktion could come for IOS Apps.The contents of the code strings shown below do clearly point to such a function.It borrowed every app would automatically be removed after a certain "lease" of the device and the computer.


This would mean a significant change to the current App Store rules, as currently there is a strict division between purchased and free apps.The ability to borrow for certain applications a certain time, should also attract consumers who normally buy any apps that cost more than 79 cents on the App Store.For the Leihfunktion this target group would allow such apps for a certain period of time and use it to pay only a fraction of the actual price.App Store customers may also use this feature apps in advance for a small price to test without paying the full purchase price.

Could this be the "one more thing" from Apple in tomorrow's presentation?

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