Previously, OS X user shad access to SSDs that did not originate from Apple, either waive or trust the TRIM TRIM Enabler. Now with OS X 10.11 Apple now also opens the SSDs from other manufacturers.

With the help of TRIM, a command which the SSD notifies that deleted or otherwise vacant blocks are no longer used, a SSD can be significantly accelerated.

So far, this feature in OS X was allowed innately only the SSDs that shipped directly from Apple. For users who have, for example retrofitted a SSD, this meant that the speed of the drive decreased over time.

Remedy managed the TRIM Enabler, but could cause problems especially with OS X Yosemite. Users had therefore exercise caution when using.

As MacRumors reports, this situation has improved now with OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Noticeable were the changes after developers were looking for on the search for a way to reactivate the TRIM Enabler. The new security feature called Rootless prevents its use as many system files can no longer be accessed freely.

Using trimforce TRIM can in El Capitan on all connected SSDs that support TRIM, be activated via the terminal:

OS X El Capitan brings TRIM support for SSDs from third parties with Trimforce
As can be seen in the screenshot, but the use of the command comes with a warning from Apple. Since the manufacturer can not test all available SSDs in their compatibility, the user used this command at your own risk.

According to the documentation of trimforce, the tool should be the first time been part of the currently also in the beta OS X 10.10.4. In the presently most recent beta, it is not to be found.

There is still a long way to the final version of OS X El Capitan. Therefore, it is still quite possible that Apple ordered removed or another makes changes that affect its function.

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