How to take screenshots of Touch Bar on your 2016 Macbook Pro



The new 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar replaced the classic row of function keys with a new OLED screen, but you will probably be wondering how this changes the action of making screenshots.

some might think that you do not currently need any of the function bar keys to take screenshots? You probably right, none of the keys is needed for such an action has disappeared from the keyboard that accompanies the MacBook Pro but this function so necessary in our day to day could not be left out of the batch of news that implements the Touch Bar.

And as it could not be otherwise, Apple has designed an exclusive button in the Touch Bar to make screenshots without having to resort to the combination of keys that we were accustomed.

But what if we want to take a screenshot of what the Touch Bar itself is showing? It will be as simple as pressing ⇧⌘6 and we will have it on our desk. Or if we prefer to paste it directly into our clipboard the combination to press will be ^ 6, a little more convoluted than the previous one, everything has to be said.


In addition, each time we perform a screenshot, the Touch Bar will display a context menu asking us where we want to send it, whether to Preview, whether to Mail to send it to a contact or directly to the application of messages of our MacBook Pro.

Another example of how the Touch Bar has come to stay, changing to things as simple and imperishable as the screenshots in macOS.

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