CarLock Security System Prevent Cars From Theft



Protectus Technologies introduced a “smart” anti-theft security system for vehicles named  “CarLock”. With its help, the car owner will be warned about any attempte of a car break-in  and provides coordinates on the smartphone in case of theft.

Compact device will connect to the on-board computer via the diagnostic socket (OBD-II, On-board diagnostic), provided in most modern cars. Device associated with the user’s mobile device using iOS-application, cloud service and GPS-module.


If a  car equiped with CarLock moves without your knowledge,you will be warned with a loud sound /notification sent to your smartphone. Such notifications can be disabled if required (including at a specified time with a periodicity), if a person is confident in the security of their vehicles. The device also gives the ability to monitor your car’s movement anywhere around the world using an interactive map.

According Cnews, because CarLock uses a separate GPS-module and a cloud service, the system can continuously monitor the vehicle without compromising charge iPhone.


The cost CarLock sensor price is set to $189. In addition, work with cloud web service will have to pay $6.90 per month. Application for smartphones based on Android and iOS can be downloaded for free online catalogs App Store and Google Play Store, respectively. If you interested in Carlock, you can get t at:


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