4 U.S. carriers Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile will set up a central database where data of stolen smartphones are stored. That should be the increasing theft of mobile phones halting.According to the plans bring the four U.S. providers within half a year own databases in the air in which the serial numbers of stolen phones to be registered. Within eighteen months the databases of Verizon, Sprint, AT& T and T-Mobile will be merged into a central database. 

This would be harder with a stolen cell phone to access the networks of the four providers. Moreover, within two years, smaller mobile operators join the register of stolen mobile phones.

Verizon and Sprint, both of which partly use CDMA technology, individual devices such as mobile phones already block a unique serial number. AT&T and T-Mobile block only SIM cards, and not on the basis of an IMEI serial number, creating a new sim card back a device usable. The four providers, however, steps forward on LTE technology, including SIM cards are used. According to the mobile operators examine the technical possibilities of stolen 4g phones on all networks to block.

Introducing the ability for providers to block stolen mobile phones is an initiative of FCC regulator. This should be a halt to the increasing theft of mobile phones. In the U.S., the value of stolen electronics, including many cell phones, already higher than the total value of stolen money.

Mobile providers include the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Austria have already such a central database to block stolen mobiles. Moreover, in some countries forbidden by law to serial and IMEI numbers to change. In the U.S., would be working on a bill that also punishable.


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