The courtroom of San Mateo County, accountable for the case towards the dad or mum Gizmodo to Apple concerning the subject of the iPhone 4G prototype, made public some paperwork that enable college students to understand extra about story.&#a hundred and sixty;

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We already know that Gray Powell, engineer at Apple had lost the iPhone 4G prototype, but we learn that in fact he put his bag, and someone would have shoved the bag, dropping prototype. 

This is not Brian Hogan has found the phone, the bar owner! Thinking that this phone is protected by a shell, was quite normal, he told Brian Hogan. It was recognized very ear
ly prototype, but after plugging in his computer, the phone was turned off remotely. 

Hogan's roommate testimony clearly his responsibility: she tried to convince Hogan not to sell the iPhone, claiming it could destroy the career of Gray Powell, but he reportedly replied: "[Sorry] to him. He lost his phone. He should not have lost his phone. " According to Inspector Matthew Broad, who is in charge of the investigation, this phrase, the California law, could make him guilty of theft. 

Then Gizmodo, has paid $ 5,000 to Brian Hogan for acquiring the iPhone, promising her a bonus if this model proves to be the one to be released next month. 

Hogan's roommate decided to cooperate fully with the authorities. It thus indicates that Brian Hogan has found the iPhone has tried to conceal evidence, hiding his computer, memory card and USB key, and stickers of the prototype in places as incongruous as a church, a bush and a gas station parkin
g lot. 




Knowing that Gizmodo possessed a prototype of the next generation iPhone, Steve Jobs phoned in to request the return of the equipment from Apple, without specifying its status. Brian Lam, another editor of Gizmodo, has responded by email: "I understand your position, and I want to help but I can not make the phone without official confirmation from Apple that is true." 

He also complains of press relations for Apple, "cold", forcing him to unearth scoops where they are. "We have nothing to lose," he continues, "I want to get this phone as soon as possible […] but I have to publish this article on the prototype, how you were gone, with confirmation that Apple does well. "[via wired]

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