The Apple media experience on September 12 is across the nook, only some days left to at last see the brand new iPhone 5 be unveiled, however in addition to the iPhone there are a variety of different merchandise that’s anticipated as smartly .

Numerous corporations that make instances for Apple merchandise additionally predict a brand new iPod Nano and iPod Touch, therefore, have already been busy making some new
cases. The Italian Puro has a case made for an iPod Nano with size much like a fourth or fifth-generation iPod Nano, but the case is much broader in comparison with these models.

A totally new design that resembles a partially older Nano and the iPod Mini. According to the latest rumors, this model has a touch screen that is very similar to that of the iPod Touch and a home button, also the iPod Nano wirelessly sync with iTunes, though there has been no parts leaked that confirm these claims.

The design of the Puro case for the new iPod Touch seems many of the earlier rumors to confirm, including a small hole at the bottom left of the enclosure, to date, it is unknown to which this port will serve.

In recent months we have some parts of the iPod Touch appear, including a 4-inch screen that also will debut the new iPhone 5. Like Apple with the iPhone currently does, the old iPod Touch also remain available, according to 9to5Mac, it is possible that some adjustments will be made ​​as the smaller dock connector.


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