CDMA iPhone Verizon Coming This December, 10 million Devices Anticipated?


The directions for a CDMA iPhone might be extra concrete.The Asian website online DigiTimes has information picked up by Pegatron Technology, the company that the new iPhone will make CDMA. The company expects 10 million iPhones next year to deliver and has even increased production.There are new machines installed and the company has 10,000 employees more engaged to make the iPhones. The first devices were even in December will be delivered.


Often thought that a CDMA version of the iPhone just for the U.S. network from Verizon (see photograph) is intended, but rather showed that Apple is talking to an operator in India, says the Wall Street Journal. In India, the companies Reliance and Tata both a CDMA network operational. Tata would have four or five months in talks with Apple. According to John Gruber, who usu
ally well aware of Apple's plans, the CDMA Verizon iPhone codenamed N92 and has already set the stage "Engineering Verification Test reached.
 This is followed by the Device Verification Test, before the unit can be taken into production.

Gruber said:

Apple is good at keeping secret futures products, and, if anything, they're getting better at it. But the weak spot in the production chain is secrecy. If you need millions of units, you need millions of components.

This phase of production seems now come, if Apple wants the iPhone on time in December or January to have on the market. But apart from components you also need a lot of people.Pegatron CEO Jason Chang was asked why he presented many additional staff had taken and replied that it was necessary for the growing smartphone business "that can, but he made no reference to Apple. But he predicted that his company in 2011 will achieve strong financial results. Except Pegatron iPhones would also allow the role to Apple MacBooks and iPads it. In August there was a rumor that Apple millions of CDMA chips had ordered for the iPhone 4.Evidence enough, but the real proof must still be delivered


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