CES 2012: New Google TV product introduced by Sony


Lately we had began reporting in regards to the google TV undertaking, which might be based at CES 2012 with first gadgets available in the market once more. This contains the Sony Community Media Participant NSZ GS7 and the Blue-ray participant NSZ GP9, each gadgets are "powered by means of Google TV." Sadly, there is not any knowledge on the specs of each gadgets, on this level, Sony has sadly lined. The partnership between Google and Marvell is sure, alternatively, that an ARM processor is put in.


The most interesting question, of course, when the two Google TV boxes coming to market? Unfortunately, there is still no answer to this question, although Sony announces the devices already on the German website. The boxes are, however, already "in the summer of 2012" be commercially available. In both boxes, it is possible to use the Internet directly through the TV set and also like the LG TV with Android Ice Cream Sandwich get both boxes donated a huge package with optimized applications. The units of the Japanese manufacturer even get 150 special apps inclu
Another special feature is the keyboard, which is included in the product package, this provides the following features with itself:

It is equipped with no ordinary remote control, but a controller that was developed specifically for the use of TV and the Internet. On one side there is a touchpad, which can comfortably control the mouse pointer. The other side features a backlit QWERTY keyboard for fast input of search terms. A microphone for voice control and the "3 Axis Motion Sensor" universal remote control to make an intelligent input device in the hands of the user.

 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mham0ZOnYps] 


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