The new surveillance camera Omna 180, license plate D-Link, is the first company to be compatible with HomeKit, the home automation and automation platform that works with Apple’s smart Siri and the Home app of iOS. In essence, this new room is the evolution of the DCS-2630L version and offers a 180-degree field of view to be able to watch and easily monitor the entire room in which it is placed. In the list of features are 1080p, night mode, motion recognition, the two-way audio and a slot for microSD cards up to 128GB.

The room is also updated in terms of design and looks like a nice and compact cylinder to be placed in the house. There are not yet available information relating to the measures.

Integration with HomeKit, in addition to simplifying the setup and management of the product, allow the camera to be fully exploited also for home automation and to create “scenes” such as detect motion and therefore to light a bulb smart connected to HomeKit.

They were not disclosed details about the release of the product and the prices but you know that the new Omna 180 will arrive early in the year. The price should be higher than that of the current DCS-2630L.

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