CES Qualcomm’ Snapdragon processor and Ballmer as new surprise guest



Steve Ballmer will be able to participate in the pre-opening keynote of CES 2013, despite the withdrawal of Microsoft for this event. Qualcomm is a specialist based on ARM processors for mobile devices which ensured the first conference opening while Panasonic assured which actually starts the festivities, instead of Microsoft.

Steve Ballmer, as other guests after him, took the stage alongside the head of Qualcomm, Dr. Paul Jacob, to extol the virtues of mobile devices on Windows. Notable absence, the tablet surface, and because it uses the NVIDIA Tegra 3.

Ballmer slipped the passage he had sold five times more Windows Phone for Christmas holidays compared to 2011. No further details. It must be said that a year ago this mobile OS was significantly less evolved and if the choice is always Windows Phone pale before the diversity that prevails in Android, both major and rare support from Microsoft, Nokia and HTC have a most complete range.


But the troubles of HTC and the slow start of these phones a year ago suggests that these results remain modest in 2012. In November last year, Gartner has assessed the global Windows Phone sales for the third quarter of 2012 to 4 million units against 1.5 million a year earlier. Compare to 146 million cumulative iOS and Android on the same quarter of 2012 …

Qualcomm has recalled its essential place in the midst of mobility, with 500 aircraft equipped smartphones latest Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony, RIM, HTC Morotola or sets up cheap.

Two generations of Snapdragon were announced, families 800 and 600. The first will arrive in the second quarter in high-end phones. The Snapdragon 800 is engraved in 28 nm, it includes four cores up to 2.3 GHz and performance data as 75% higher than the S4 Pro (used in DNA Motorola Droid and Google Nexus LG 4) .

The graphics, the Adreno 330 is advertised as two times faster than the 320 proposed in the Snapdragon 600. A new LPDDR3 RAM 800 MHz 4G LTE and compatibility with Wi-Fi 802.11c are also enrolled in this processor. It is able to encode and decode video 4K (4096×2304).


The Snapdragon 600 sequence additionally contain the newest processors with 4 cores Krait at 1.9GHz max, the Adreno 320 for photographs (thrice sooner than its predecessor) and general efficiency forty% greater than the S4 Professional. The brand new software is anticipated to reach within the spring telephones.

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