The Gold-East MS937, iPhone 6 knockoff costs $115 and runs on Android operating system. Although appearance is very similar to Apple’s latest phone, inside it is not so: the 7 megapixel camera and has no 4G connectivity, according to the review of the product.

Acording to Business Insider, the Chinese smartphone the typical iPhone menu button, although the company OEM Gold-plated East avoided contour or dial a golden little difference.

Can this design be the same as the iPhone 6, is not the case, however, with its characteristics. Features a smaller camera 5 MP, 720p resolution display and does not support 4G. However, it is a proposal cost just $115, which aims to reach an audience that does not want to spend a lot on its device. Here you can tell even more well-known companies are inspired by the design of the iPhone (and not only) why not make the Gold-East MS937, even in .. American soil.


Although,there are several clones of Apple smartphone, the Gold-East MS937 seems to be one of the best clone because the screen size is almost the same as the iPhone 6 except for the HD. This smartphone also supports 4G LTE network. But in China, there are a lot of other vendors that also presents a smartphone with a view very similar to the iPhone 6 as Huawei or Lenovo.

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