Cheap iPhone to receive Qualcomm Snapdragon processor



Recently, rumors about Apple plans to release a budget version of the iPhone surfaced on the internet. It is assumed that the company wants to regain its lost share, achieving benefits in China, India and other emerging markets. Today there is yet another confirmation of this guesswork.

According to Forbes, citing sources among Asian suppliers in low-cost version of the smartphone Apple will use Qualcomm family of inexpensive processors Snapdragon. Budget iPhone will not need the same graphics and computing power that expensive models, said a source. In addition, the integrated solution will enable the company to combine Qualcomm processor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in a single chip, achieving lower unit cost of production, the price of which, according to some, will be from $99 to $149.

Has repeatedly said that Apple is exploring the possibility of the release of the iPhone cheaper materials. In particular, the case of the budget iPhone can be made not of aluminum like the iPhone 5, and polycarbonate plastic. However, the other parts of the machine may remain unchanged or recycled from previous versions of the smartphone.


Low cost iPhone will unlock an abrupt alternate in the concept that of Apple. It’s well-known that the warfare is now aggressive with the machine on the platform Android, very efficiently running in Asia, intensified.

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