Check out Windows 98 running on an iPad Air 2



Apple iPad Air is the latest of Apple’s thinnest tablet, designed by many users, and more users want to be able to use the Windows system on the iPad, in order to be able to be there the whole legend of Windows 98 platform access, users running already Windows 98 operating system with  jailbroken iPad Air 2 using DOSPAD application.

As mentioned above, the name of the user running the Windows 98 system in a jailbroken iPad Air 2  made possible by using DOSPAD, which is avaialable via repo, the control of the mouse can be operated by touch screen, an external keyboard for input. You can see from the above screenshot, Windows 98 running on the iPad as your computer like 16 years ago.
Diablo II and Fallout 2 are installed on this iPad, at the end of the video we see the start of radiation situation iPad 2, but unfortunately we did not see the game, when the fragments. The user named Deekismusic expressed need for further optimization of the game, and mentioned Diablo II should be able to in the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 running well.

It was a success when the iPhone 6 Plus was shown running Windows 98, users posting claiming installed on iPhone 6 Plus Windows 98 through the Apple Store in iDOS application implementation, this application was originally developed to help DOS users to play classic games on Apple devices.

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