ChevronWP7 Labs: unlock your Windows Phone 7 for $9


In November 2010, simply weeks after the discharge of  Windows Phone 7 , a solution of jailbreak emerged from the underground web. His name? ChevronWP7 . Of course, Microsoft was quick to respond and the tool has quickly bowed out . Against all odds, Redmond nevertheless decided to reach out to the team in charge of the project to offer mobile users an alternative to the Marketplace.


 And this solution is now available to all , we will be able to unlock or jailbreak our Windows Phone 7 peacefully and without fear for the security of our mobile.

And it is finally a very touching story. So far, Microsoft has always struggled against piracy and against all these solutions that are beyond its control. Phone with Windows 7, the firm decided to restore its image a bit and perhaps for this reason and because of this new communication strategy that the instigators of the project ChevronWP7  have not found before the judge. Good for them, too. Rather than punish them, Microsoft has decided to join the project to allow developers to homebrew to find their place in this vast world.

To summarize the idea in a nutshell, the purpose of ChevronWP7 Labs is simply to make available to all application development for Windows Phone 7. Originally, it must indeed pay a tithe (99 per year) in order to distribute applications on the Marketplace. All developers do not necessarily rolling in money, Microsoft has decided to offer them an inexpensive alternative for them to learn slowly developing applications. Note that this is not a silly idea because it will definitely help the firm to reach more developers. In concrete terms, therefore, we can say that ChevronWP7 Labs is a loss leader.

To take advantage of this tool is very simple, you will need:

  • Windows Live ID to register.
  • Token release sold $ 9, payable by Paypal.
  • tool release that you can download with your token.

Once all these elements in your possession, you can unlock your phone and install unsigned applications (and therefore not endorsed by Microsoft) above. Now it only remains to wait for the developers and we should stick to it very quickly see new applications flourish.


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