ChevronWP7 Ringtone: Add and create custom ringtones in Windows Phone 7


Final week used to be launched  ChevronWP7, the tool “jailbreak“that allows the devices deploy Windows Phone 7 without the need for developer credentials valued at $99.

Well, ChevronWP7 just the way a lot of applications and tools such as custom Ringtone Manager allow us to do things that, by default, are impossible to perform on Microsoft phones.

 Custom Ringtone Manager is the first homebrew application for creating custom ring tones for use in the Windows Phone 7.

The procedure is so simple to create custom ringtones using the tool in question is necessary:
– Create 5 WMA files at 48KHz (use Expression Encoder 4)
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Release the device using ChevronWP7 WP7

After this, simply load the 5 WMA files by clicking the button “Browse… “and then clicking the button ringtone Build XAP.

Once the process will create a package file with XAP package can be deployed to the mobile device using the tool WP7 Application Deploymentincluded in the SDK WP7.

Well, this means you must rely on the SDK and Visual Studio 2010, but in the future will build a separate homebrew SDK

Personally, I recommend not to release Windows Phone 7, or make modifications. Remember that in January Microsoft has planned a major upgrade of the operating system on all devices.

I forgot, the source code for Custom Ringtone Manager and also has available

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