A couple of days in the past, Daniel Mead , CEO of Verizon Wi-fi , we have been stunned, citing the LTE expertise that Apple could end up embracing in brief:


Are you going to see more of Apple with respect to LTE. They understand the value proposition of technology and I firmly believe will end up giving support.

The rumor mill points to this as one of the keys to the next iPhone 5 , especially when another boss of a telephone has already hinted the same. Jianzhou Wan , President of China Mobile , spoke at the sameSteve Jobs when talking about the Network LTE that his company is working:

Jobs has shown interest in an iPhone LTE and is eager to start their development at an early date.

At present China Mobile is testing its TD-LTE 4G network in Shanghai , Hagzhou and four other cities, with an estimated investment of 100 million dollars.

Recall that before the launch of CDMA iPhone 4 with Verizon, the company considered it compatible with the recently released LTE network, but the radical redesign necessary derailing finished project.

Consider also the many contracts in recent years (especially months) Apple has done in the field, its most renowned agencies experts.

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