China Pre-Orders For iPhone 5s To Kick Off On Sept. 17



On Friday, 10 countries (excluding China), included in the “first wave” was officially opened by taking pre-orders for the budget smartphone iPhone 5c. And in the U.S, the new iPhone 5s will be available on September 20 without pre-orders.

However, China’s acceptance of pre-orders will start next Tuesday, September 17. Moreover, users will be able to order in China  not only a budget phone iPhone 5c, but also the iPhone 5s, which in other countries are not available for pre-order. Pick up from iPhone 5s smartphone pre-order can also be from September 20.

apple-china-5s-pre-orderRecall that the official announcement of the new Apple smartphone was held last Tuesday, September 10. iPhone 5s is equipped with a 4-inch touch Retina-display, a fingerprint scanner built into the Home button and runs on a processor A7. Find out more about it here.

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