Smuggling iPads and iPhones from Hong Kong to China trade . The former British colony which is another form of taxation which iDevices exporting to China is a good extra income.


The iPhone and the iPads in a bag through a cable car over a river drawn near the Chinese city of ShenzhenThe cable for the cable car shooting the smugglers with a crossbow at night and fly across the river on Apple products. It takes two minutes for a bag of iDevices the river to cross.

The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 passed through the air. Shenzhen and Hong Kong of the north are separated by a small river. The smugglers had set a cable operated by a pulley system, for 300 meters between two buildings, located on either side of the stream. At nightfall, they filled two bags and iPhone iPad 2, the cable and hung by passing on the other side. The operation took about 2 minutes per trip.

Customs officers have discovered a cable of 300 meters over the  Sha Tau Cook  river ran. The cable ran from the 21st floor of a house in Shenzhen to a border location in Hong Kong. In the raid, six smugglers were arrested, 50 and 50 iPads 2 iPhones 4 seized in China represent a value of $ 46,583 and Hong Kong is a lot less.


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