We told all the news on the jailbreak scene, but no movement by Pangu Team and Team Taig groups, it is not clear if we will see a Jailbreak for iOS 8.3 / 8.4, or else hackers prefer to wait the arrival of iOS 9. The tracks are contradictory, but now comes news that sheds more light on the matter. The group of Chinese hackers Keen Team (aka K33n Team) want to join the creation of a new Jailbreak, and have already begun working with the first beta for developers of IOS 9. In an interview with the prestigious Forbes means, Liang Cheng, a member of Team Keen says already working on finding exploits, and that his intention is to launch its first Jailbreak iOS after the arrival of September next September.

The twelve members of Keen Team passed to Jailbreak because of the great opportunities it presents, both economically and in terms of prestige. Find vulnerabilities in IOS is very well paid. The Keen Team has already won more than $60,000 in recent months in competitions hackers. They managed to break the security of Mobile Safari and have also created a tool for rooting the Samsung Galaxy S6 easily. However, the Jailbreak gives more money and more of a challenge, especially now reaching the rumored iOS 9 Rootless safety function.

It is not confirmed, but it appears that Apple has implemented a feature that prevents malware and protects sensitive data, but also could hinder Jailbreak significantly. Whether it was found installed in the Mac OS X El Capitan, but it is not clear whether it also will come in iOS 9. In this sense enough help, in fact Cheng states that have asked for help to Pangu Team to make progress so possible. However, he admits that everything depends on the luck they have. What to find vulnerabilities and exploits make them profitable is not easy and depends on many factors.

Currently, the latest jailbreak is available to be installed on iOS 8.1.2. Anything over this version is not vulnerable to Jailbreak and if we can not install update any way. We carry more than six months without seeing a new Jailbreak, and if hackers focus on iOS 9 will mean that there will be another until September. However, there is still a possibility that the Pangu Team launched a new Jailbreak for iOS 8.3 or iOS 8.4, the next version to be released on June 30 along with Apple Music. Currently there are no guarantees, but with the arrival of a third group of hackers to the scene, the future looks much better Jailbreak. Now just have to wait and cross your fingers that get beat iOS 9 defenses as soon as possible.(Source: Forbes)

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