Potential vulnerability for iOS and OS X, disturbing the minds of experts in recent weeks, a loud shot in the news, some people are scared, but that their path until terminated. Yesterday Apple debunk the myth of the level of threat from Masque Attack, and today it was reported that the Chinese authorities have launched a massive campaign in the country, called for an end other known vulnerabilities threatening mobile devices and computers Apple – WireLurker.

To get started in China in the police account of social network Sina Weibo was published a summary of the arrest of three people who are suspected of creating and distributing vulnerability WireLurker. An arrest is made in Beijing and detect intruders helped the company Qihoo 360, specializing in security. At this Chinese law enforcement successes have not ended. Also, the site was closed, which is the source of propagation WireLurker the web.

These measures should help, if not win WireLurker, or at least slow its spread. The fact that the described vulnerability raged just in China, where in the course and very popular local alternatives App Store. Unlike Masque Attack, which does not reach the device users, WireLurker really had time to spread among more than 356 thousand. Users in China. However Apple quickly worked and blocked infected with malicious code applications.

However, the active struggle against WireLurker on two fronts at once, probably allow win one of the most unexpected and dangerous vulnerabilities in the history of the mobile platform iOS, which turned the threat and for the owners of Mac. Nevertheless, we can not exclude the appearance of imitators who will take into account the weaknesses and failures WireLurker and develop better badware. Protect yourself, you can still install applications only from trusted sources and safe.

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