It was made known in April last year that Baidu was developing Google Glass competitor. The Chinese company was working on it as a project to learn things, rather than an alternative to the market launch.

Time has passed and you have something solid to show under the name Baidu Eye. The search giant in China has changed his mind, or has given the project a different approach, since no screens through between our eyes and reality.
It is an accessory that we rest on the head, just as we would do with glasses, but that deals recognize voices and gestures through the camera – right leg – and microphone possesses. An example of the interaction: if we draw a circle with our fingers on an item, the item to be recognized by Baidu Eye.


For its operation it is necessary to have a Smartphone that supports you in everything that has to do with connectivity and access to consultations in the cloud. The technology using the camera is able to recognize objects – plants, clothing, food – in addition to recording photos and videos.

Make a device without display is simpler and also more durable and economical autonomy in terms of use. The responses to our actions come through the earpiece or the screen of your phone.
Although there is no raised trading date, has all the earmarks of a product that will be next, designed to recognize objects appear in the shopping year.[via TheNextWeb]

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