Chinese iPhone established production of broken smartphone parts


iPhone-crackDesire to save money when buying the iPhone can not turn back the purchase of a new device. The British newspaper The Telegraph published photos of Chinese factories, which are collected on an industrial scale of iPhone parts from broken smartphones. As a result, the market there are indistinguishable from the real gadgets that are sold under the guise of new ones.

Center for illegal assembly manufacture Apple’s smartphone is bordering Hong Kong Shenzhen city in southeastern China. The manufacturing process is simple – broken iPhone disassembled into parts and find out what items are out of order , and what else can serve . After that, going to the device, and its interior for reliability abundantly filled with glue.


Broken iPhone delivered to the factory by means of established smuggling schemes . ” They create indistinguishable from the real device. They even know how to re- put codes on the iPhone, to make fake absolutely reliable – says an anonymous source . – Selling these phones under the guise of new , you can make good money . ”


The whole production line is placed in a small room . Before each employee table, which decomposed parts and empty hull. The photo shows how the Chinese glued onto the screen protective film . After the device neatly packed in boxes and sent fake look thrifty buyers.

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