The Chinese language producer Cool Zone PDA claims of being in possession an iPhone 5 case, which was used in photographs. In the photos it is difficult to tell if it is the real deal or not. The device in each case corresponds to a white prototype with new 19-pin connector that was posted a while ago in the news. It would be a device from one of the Foxconn factories that was smuggled.

This happens quite often: a few weeks after Gizmodo got hold of an iPhone 4 in a bar, the Thai website made a video in which they demonstrated that an iPhone was smuggled from the factory.

Shortly afterwards the same thing happened with the iPod touch. Half months later, the iPhone 4 in the market and proved exactly match the leaked models. Foxconn at the time of the video for a while engaged in mass produ
ction of the new phones at the factory in Shenzhen. Something similar can now be the problem, with about two months to go before the next generation iPhone on the market.

But the recently Apple published the quarterly figures from this year showing a decrease in growth. Tim Cook named the continuing rumors about a new iPhone as the main culprit.
A leaked device does not yet point out that mass production has started. Chinese manufacturers make test models based on rumors and leaked parts that they can use to produce appropriate cases.

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