iPhones in China are smuggled within the the united states the use of empty beer bottles . The smugglers have found a trick to get iPhones in empty bottles, they cut them in half, and three iPhones clamp attached to the bottles to hide his. The trick was discovered when an old woman a fair amount of beer bottles from Hong Kong to Shenzhen tried to transport. Normally the empty beer bottles collected to earn some money with recycling, but the customs officers noticed that the bottles were heavier than usual. 

The bottles were professionally cut in half, which ultimately yielded a booty of 216 iPhones, all of type 4 or iPhone iPhone 4S. The Chinese smugglers temporarily resume on using their old trick tosmuggle as many iPhones as possible.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKZGZT4Xj2A] 


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