Chinese writers sue Apple for 1.88 million for illegal sale of books


Apple has a new trial on his pants: a group of nine well-known Chinese writers, the company sued.They are demanding damages of 11.91 million yuan, converted approximately 1.5 million euros.Apple should have approved illegal versions of books and sold through the App Store. Apple thus benefit from the sale of illegal books, because 30% of all sales go to Apple.

 A consortium of Chinese writers wanted proof that the books from Apple through the App Store for sale to the copyright legislation. Apple would have refused, so now the lawsuit has been filed.

The matter has been dealt with by the Chinese authorities. Previously happened in China for something similar, when in March 2011 the major search engine Baidu 2.8 million unauthorized books had to get the results. In the case against Apple is about 37 books written by authors like Han Han, Peng Cheng Li (pictured) and Murong Xuecun.

The writer’s alliance has requested Apple takes into consideration Chinese laws and provide copyright certification of books being sold on the App Store — Apple has reportedly refused to accept the request.

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