Remaining month, Google introduced the Chrome browser for iOS devices. Chrome on the desktop is immensely popular, but the iPhone version still has a long way to go. According to data from the online advertising network Chitika, Chome for mobile has a market share of 1.4 among IOS users. Safari is by far the main browser for the iPhone. Over 85% of users prefer to choose for Safari.

Chrome-ios1 (1)
The remaining 14.3% choose an alternative browser, but that does not make a conscious choice. It can also happen that you end up using an app in a different browser.

Chitika looked at hundreds of millions of browser sessions over the network in the U.S. and Canada. Assume that they are representative of the rest of the iPhone users. Yet it will be difficult to really for the borwser to win users. Google has a lot to do in order for the browser to get approved, making it not always the fastest browser. Apple uses security protocols for Web browsers from external parties and will not allow alternative browsers to use their own renderi
ng engine. Optimizations that Apple can make (for example in dealing with JavaScript), in browsers third parties are banned.

Another problem is that Apple is not offering a different default browser to the iPhone. Users are often automatically sent to Safari. Opening an alternative browser takes more effort (there is also a jailbreak-Chrome or tweak which you can set the default browser).
Using a tracker with a delay of 6 hours, the actual percentage of users reflects the Chrome patterns you can follow. Later will tell whether the current market share mainly due to returning visitors, or that a constant flow of new users.


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