Google Chrome is already the preferred Web browser


Immersed in look ahead to the release of the iOS 5.1.1 untethered Jailbreak, we are goingt o shift the subject about an interesting news about Chrome browser. Google's web browser Chrome is the most used by users, overtaking with Internet Explorer.


Ever since ist launch in 2008,  the Google browser  has been climbing latter and increasing its use to become the  the most popular browser. Meanwhile Microsoft has been down the number by the number of users using their browser.

Chrome has reached 32% of market share and Internet Explorer currently retains 30%, according to data provided by StatCounter, Firefox in turn has 25%, Safari has 8%.

The new browser Google has managed to eat ground in Europes countries, Latin Americans and Asians, compared with that obtained general decline over the years Internet Explorer.

Chrome has also been  available since February on Android handsets along with the Ice Cream Sandwich update.


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