The wait is over, Google ultimately introduced the provision of the primary Chromebooks , portable devices equipped with Chrome OS.

As the mobile ecosystem Androidthe Chromebooks are portable devices manufactured by different partners of Google, whose main characteristic is the connectivity and instant access to the cloud.

Chromebooks, hardware

Samsung and Acer, the first Chromebook manufacturers are launching their products on June 15 in the United States and later in the rest of the world through major mobile operators under contract to data retention 'for a period of time.



Here are the features and specifications of these Chromebooks

+ Chromebook Samsung "Series 5"– 8-second instant start

  •  Battery autonomy of 7.5 hours "All day?"
  •  12.1-inch display with a resolution of 1280×800
  •  Intel Atom N570 Dual Core 1.66 GHz
  •  1.4 kilos in weight
  •  Wi-Fi, optional 3G
  •  2 USB ports, card slot 4-in-1 mini VGA port and improved trackpad
  •  HD Webcam and microphone with noise cancellation
  •  Storage of 16 GB MSAT
  •  Price of Wi-Fi model is $ 429 and the 3G is $ 499



+ Chromebook Acer

  •  Battery autonomy of 6.5 hours
  •  11.6-inch LED Display
  • Intel dual-core Atom
  •  Two USB ports and HDMI
  •  HD webcam and microphone with noise cancellation
  •  2 USB ports, card slot 4-in-1 HDMI connector and improved trackpad
  •  1.34 kilos of weight
  •  Price of Wi-Fi model is $ 349 and the 3G is $ …
  •  8-second instant start


Distribution System

Google has opted for 3-way distribution of Chromebooks

  • The end users can buy to own these devices to the above prices at any authorized dealer
  •  The corporate and educational sector can rent the devices for $ 28 and $ 20 a month respectively.



The subscription system in these sectors it includes a comprehensive security policy, security and equipment replacement.

 Chrome OS, the operating system of Chromebooks

Already spoke enough of Chrome OS, an operating system built on the Linux Kernel user interface Chrome …

  •  Added a display native PDF files

  •  New media player music and videos with the ability to read from a USB external drives or hard drives.
  •  New File Manager exploring external drives
  •  Storing the captured photos in Picasa using the webcam
  •  Storage of documents from Google Docs external units
  •  Enhanced security without a vulnerability



Google raises an interesting idea with Chrome OS, the operating system based on the cloud, where not installed, much less stores nothing, everything works on the browser … but being as the 2012, which managed to kill and remove tablets Market to netbooks, the Chromebook does it make sense?

Chromebooks offers nothing revolutionary or value added to the devices currently on the market, is a mere change of name to the category gives onto netbooks

Also, need to have a 3G data service dedicated to operate the device.

Well, Google says the following … buy one?

This is not typical notebooks. With Chromebook without waiting minutes for the computer to turn on and begin running the browser. It can read emails in seconds.Thanks to automatic updates, the software on the Chromebook be faster as time passes. Applications, games, photos, music, movies and documents are accessible wherever you are the user, who should not worry about losing the computer or forgot to make back-up files. The battery will Chromebooks a whole day on a single charge, so you will not have to carry the charger everywhere. And thanks to the 3G option, as with the phone, you can access the Internet when needed.

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