Chronic Dev Team announces iPhone 5 and iOS 5 jailbreak


The Persistent Dev Group all the way through their presentation at MyGreatFest introduced at a complicated stage in an effort to jailbreak iOS 5. The crew that the jailbreak device greenpois0n released has been no breakthrough on the boot rom of the iPad 2, which is expected to be used for the iPhone 5. However, the jailbreak will use a link in five different exploits to a userland -jailbreak to achieve.


 Such a jailbreak is basically only depends on the firmware version and therefore would be suitable for the iPhone (s) that Apple will announce soon on.

 Characteristic for a userland-jailbreak jailbreak is that first grip points protected user environment has iOS. A recent example of a userland-jailbreak is , with the jailbreak of iOS 4.3 to 4.3.3 directly on the device to implement. A userland-jailbreak does not always such a form, to be sold as the jailbreak tool Spirit has been proven.The main difference with a jailbreak based on bootrom is that the boot rom is read-only and based upon a previous jailbreak not be patched by Apple. A userland-jailb
reak can do with a firmware update be made ​​impossible.


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